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Reach out to the world. Innitel

INNITEL is an omni-channel cloud telecommunications platform provider, that enables businesses to engage their customers effectively. Leveraging INNITEL’s proprietary SaaS based applications, API's and CRM integrations, INNITEL provides a robust engagement platform.

INNITEL believes that a massive co-existence with curated best of breed services and products is required in order to give the client the best package he needs. Innitel's rapidly evolving product line that attracts different segments of our market through our products:
DESKFORCE: A customer engagement tool which offers capabilities such as hosted PBX functions (voice, sms, IVR etc.), for SMB to conduct businmess as an enterprise
ATOMIC: Analytic dialer creating meaningful engagements through analytics and enriched social information.
APIXO: Omni-Chanel API infrastructure to integrate your CRM and APP

INNITEL's competitive advantage is its core platform API first, that can be used by either developers or stand alone as a SaaS platform. All the features that we develop can easily be implemented in any CRM, and a library of API dedicated to each specific CRM leaders on the market are available to the public.
Furthermore INNITEL has build his own private cloud with more than 400 servers spread worldwide, has the capacity to bill voip,sms as well as OTT or any event driven that occurs on its platform.
INNITEL has a dedicated and well trained cadre of customer support specialists who are able to consistently provide excellent services delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner. A Productive sales operation team, taking orders, responding to ad enquiries, market research, or general information requests, INNITEL has the people with the expertise to professionally service those needs.

Providing service to over 10,000 call center agents worldwide, Innitel has become a trusted name in call center software and support.