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Contact your phone list in record speed..Voice / SMS / FAX

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Voice broadcasting can open a new channel in your outbound marketing efforts.

  • Super High conversion rates
  • API to integrate your CRM
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Send live leads straight to your call center
  • Mix SMS/Voice

Integrate me

Our Broadcaster, your software. Want your platform to send a voice message on a given action, we can do that.

  • Call on action
  • Integrates easily to most forex/gaming platforms
  • Easy to read DOCS
  • trained Innitel Premium Support to assist

Quick secure implementation

Our cloud hosted dedicated server platforms can be setup with 1 day.

  • Rapid and DIY installations.
  • Prompt in-house / virtual support
  • Custom setups and customizations encouraged!.
  • Secure tier III datacenter, secure servers

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