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SMS / Messaging

Innitel's SMS Solutions Strengthen your Selling Strategies

Using SMS with PBX

If you already have our PBX software, you can add on our new Broadcast SMS function at no cost! (pay per usage). The broadcast SMS function allows you to upload lists and message everyone on your list either before or after a call campaign. You can also use our chrome extension to message one client at a time.

SMS with Dialer

If you already have our Dialer system you get access to all of our SMS functions for free (pay per usage). You can send SMS’s 3 ways, either by Status, by agent, or by broadcast.

BroadCast SMS

After you’ve uploaded a list to the Atomic Dialer, you can send a mass SMS to every contact on your list giving them a heads up that they’re about to receive a call, or you could send your list a message after your dialer has called everyone on the list for a follow up.

Innitel Messaging

Secure Fast. global effective

Innitel SMS is your special sauce.

The rise of Real Time Communications has brought the importance on SMS technology to a new level, placing it at the core of your buisness process. SMS is becoming the lingua franca of real time communication and meaningful engagments.

All of our products are natively integrated with SMS and allows you to create your own messging logic!