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Atomic Dialer

Increase your agents performance by 400%


Boost your agents performance, and boost your revenue, with Innitel's Predictive Dialer.

Is your contact center, and sales department running on full throttle? Maximize your potential by increasing the quantity of meaningful engagements. Innitel dialer provides you with an automated predictive dialer that filters all calls other than the ones where your lead answers.

Kick your call center into second gear!

predictive dialer

Sales without dialer

predictive dialer

Sales with dialer

It's not rocket science, the less busy signals, voicemail and waiting for your customers to answer your call, the more meaningful conversations your agents can engage in. We decrease all the waiting, and increase the quantity of conversations each agent handles.

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Dialing our leads by hand was like using a rotary phone. Innitels Predictive Dialer increased our engagements by 400%!
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Realtime Dashboard

Keeping a pulse on your contact center is crucial. Our system allows managers a realtime view on how many agents are on call, how long, and if relevant, how many clients are waiting.

Reports & Analytics

Information is key, and knowing how your campaigns are performing allows you to tweak your efforts. With a wealth of data and customized reports, you are tooled with the information you need.

Intuitive Interface

Your agents will be intuitively working through their lists and clients in a feature rich environment, while managers will monitor and optimize your campaigns perfomance with ease.

Easy Controls

Increase the volume of your calls, reset lists and chat with agents without ever taking your eyes off the dashboard.


Innitel Predictive Dialer integrates into many of the top CRM's and financial platforms.

Unified Messaging

With built in messaging, managers can chat directly with agents, agents can SMS, E-mail and Fax leads within one unified environment.

Intelligent List Import

Smart List Loader

Your lists are in our format! Upload any Excel or CSV and Innitel will determine the Country Code and TimeZone.

TimeZone Dialing

Your contacts are located all over the world, no need to clean and organize your lists per timezone or country, we do the work for you!

Valid Number Verify

Numbers that are imported are verified for proper International format, and if needed automatically parsed with country code of indicated country, or digits removed!

RestFull API

API First

The Innitel Dialer was built with an API First Strategy. Our entire platform was built around the API, allowing you to BUILD or integrate with all our functionality.

Rapid List Import

Feed the dialer your list from your environment without secondary steps.

Swagger Validated

With our Innitel Swagger-enabled API,we adhere to the OpenAPI Specifications providing you interactive documentation, and SDK that you are familiar with .

More Predictive Dialer Features


Innitel's Predictive Dialer utilizes various algorithms to control the speed of the call rate based on, number of available agents,lines, and the campaign's average call time.

Prompt Connect

Our system allows agents to log into a campaign with One Person, One call dial ratio allowing the agent to be connected on every call and virtually eliminating dropped calls.

Clean Lists

Importing lists has never been easier. Automatically sensing correct numbers and timezones, Innitel Dialer ensures maximum performance. Set your campaign to call your list at the local time of your contact or specfic time per country!

SnapShot Dialing

Before each call, the dialer allows the agent to preview the CRM information and decide to advance or skip the call

Manual Dialing

There are times when a lead comes from another source, simply pause campaign, select manual dial, and the system will dial it for you.

Progressive Dialing

For outbound centers wanting to send calls only to an available agent. In progressive dialing, the system only starts dialing when the agent is ready to take a call.